Family Law

The concept of family law consists of all issues arising out of marriage and minor children.

There are many types of families, and each family dynamic has its own complications. Call Calarco Law Offices, LLC to discuss your unique circumstances and individual needs.  

  • Ending The Marriage

    In the State of Ohio marriages can be terminated by Divorce, Dissolution, Legal Separation, or Annulment. A divorce can be contested or uncontested. When a husband and wife are able to agree on all necessary issues, the marriage may be terminated through a dissolution. Other circumstances may be better suited by a Legal Separation or an Annulment.
  • Minor Children

    Minor children, whether born to a married couple or unwed parents, may be under the jurisdiction of a family law court. Children have many needs, and parents should consult a family law lawyer to address the impact of a changing family. Child custody, visitation, parenting time, child support, educational decisions, medical care and expenses, and religious beliefs are all important issues handled by Calarco Law Offices, LLC when minor children are involved.
  • Post Decree Issues

    Sometimes it may be necessary to enforce or modify an order of the court. This is referred to as a post decree matter. Post decree matters may involve, child custody, child support, spousal support (alimony), property division, or debt issues.